Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo option for your brows.

Each hair is individually drawn, to give the appearance of fuller, more shapely brows. This treatment is perfect for those who have over-plucked their brows, lost brow hair due to illness, or who simply want a fuller more shaped brow, without the effort of pencilling in.

The treatment lasts 1-3 years and fades over time. A top up is recommended once a year to maintain brow pigment.Your microblading artist, will work with your natural bone structure and your personal preference, to design the perfect brows for you. The ideal treatment for over-plucked brows, clients suffering from alopecia or simply to create a more defined brow without the need to pencil in. Perfect brows, every day!

Our highly qualified microblading artist Meghan, studied at Elite Microblading Academy to bring you the very best in brow artistry.

The cost for microbladding is £250.


Let’s create something as unique as you are.